We have walked along the cleanly swept streets in Omni-1, many as loyal employees, others as hopeful civic-minded supporters and others yet, as ordinary people getting by in the daily routine. We all have had one thing in common, the thing that binds our band together.

We tread through the sand swept spans of Rubi-Ka, some as the disgruntled unemployed, others, the civil activist unfulfilled, and the common man seeking purpose with meaning. We share the sense of trampled dreams, merit gone unnoticed, purpose without action, life without right.

Knock the dust from your boots! Come, friends among family we are, belong, and encourage one another to be better than they would have us ever imagine! In this time of strife you are but not my neighbor, nor my friend, you are, my brothers and sisters. Walk with us, march with us, against those whom deem civilization to be, by their terms or not at all. Life is for those of their own, to choose ones own destiny.

Omni-Tek sweep their streets to maintain the order, reject ideas brought by the wind of revolt, to effect control in their world, to wrest dominance from that which is all things natural and right. Clans stand way for the sands to drift, settling among, knowing that with the drifting sands bring new brothers and sisters of the cause. Ours are the lives of purpose as we set our destiny for revolution of society.

History reveals revolution is forged in the house of the powerful, grows in the presence of the subservient and is fought within the streets of the place we call home. Trouble is, times change. The meek become lords, lords the serfs, and history repeats lessons not learned.

Enough of the rhetoric, I will not lie. We are clan, we've been fighting this war far too long to drone on with such classic speeches to inspire the masses. The war was started by spark of injustice, cruelty of the company and its greed. Those reasons still linger, but this is a political war, just as many if not more words, have been fired off than rounds of any ammunition. Our family fights this war with cunning words eloquently strewn with direct intent on bringing down OT by their own deeds. A public relations battle, hypocrisy fueling the fire, policies the battleground , and rumor the sting from our blade because we are Whispers' Edge and sometimes a whispered word can strike as deadly as a swords edge.

((We are a close knit guild of Clan role-players on the Atlantean server of Anarchy Online. We call Rubi-Ka our second home, our teammates as friend, and organization members our family. We are primarily concerned with the background story of the game, the interaction with other players in the plots and plays that go on all around us and cultivating friendships that endure. You likely won't find many of us that fit the modern view of MMO gamers, we typically do not engage in stat comparison, damage contests or other activities that take away from character development of the social art. We play the game not to beat it, but to have fun.))

((If this interests you, please fill out an application or look for one of us online for some friendly information. We always look for more members to our family.))