All laws are in addition to established rules and regulations imposed by Funcom, and the Backyard Four alliance. Conflict between rules shall be brought to the attention of the President. Any conflicting law may be discussed to either be upheld as is, modified, or removed.

  1. No malicious arguing or swearing in Clan or Guild chat. Guild chat is for domestic communications on Rubi-Ka only, interplanetary messages shall be conducted through separate frequencies ((keep the OOC in brackets please to prevent confusion)). No persons associated with WE shall conduct themselves in a negatively representative fashion of the guild, or vocalize against the primary focus of the guild.

  2. Respect others feelings. If someone has a strong issue with a non-role play topic of discussion or some such thing, cease talking about that matter. Any membership of the guild, regardless of rank, that calls for a cease on the discussion of a subject, the call shall be viewed as official order by leadership. RP should not be pressed to the point of making other guildmates uncomfortable. Specifically any RP that involves what may be a personal relationship with one or more others should be discussed OOC to avoid miscommunication and potential emotional distress.

  3. Engaging conflicts with Clan or Neutral personnel is forbidden, unless combat is expected by those instigating conflict. ((Bar fights, upholding personal honor, protecting neutral or clan personnel from abuse etc. is accepted violations of the rule.)). Spontaneous engagement of Omni-Tek property holdings, or initiation of conflict with OT personnel, is not in violation of these laws, and may be participated at individual will.

  4. Aiding OT personnel is strictly forbidden, except in case where aid is supplied with intent to sway for clan recruitment. (( OOC assistance may be granted for OT persons unfamiliar to RP, along with initiation of conversation related to RP discovery. Assistance to those qualified as potential player combatants “PVPer” or “Tower Twinks” should be avoided.)).

  5. Attend WE events. Every member shall endeavor to attend meetings and events. While such participation isn't mandatory, it enhances "esprit de corps" and ensures that those who hold/organize such events have not wasted their time. Support or assistance to event directors is strongly encouraged.

  6. No selling of equipment between guild members. Offer of goods or services shall not take appearance of advertisements or business propositions. Solicitation shall not take place in guild chat with the goal of profit or business dealings. Uncommon items of known rarity may be exempt from this if the parties of the dealings mutually come to an agreement of a compensation for the favor, or time investment, or for destruction of equipment/ items involved to acquire the sought product. Compensation is not a synonym for profit.

  7. Members who are offered items from other members shall take such items only if they can reasonably be expected to use them. This means you don't accept an item when your only intention is to sell it unless the person donating the item expressly agrees to the member selling the item for profit. Items sold shall be replaced with the same items of the same quality where applicable otherwise the fair market value shall be expected in return to the lender unless some other arrangement has been agreed.

  8. Guild leaders will settle disputes between members that cannot be resolved otherwise. Their judgment is final. Continuation of disputes shall lead to expulsion of all involved parties.

  9. No WE member shall have dealings with those individuals on any list purposed to deter dealings among, such as a “KOS“, “Black List“ or “Ban List“. Known violation of this law can result in prompt termination of your membership with WE. Any "accidental" violation of this law may be openly investigated by anyone in the guild and findings reported to leadership for review, and a decision of termination may be taken upon the offender.

  10. Members may openly have Omni and/or Neutral characters. Members should not use their Clan character's knowledge to hurt WE or the Clans. Neither shall any guild member make use of an Omni or Neutral character to secure knowledge about plans or internal affairs. That is unethical and proven cases will be dealt with as a rule infraction.

  11. Forum information is to remain within the forums and not shared with anyone outside of the guild, discussed in Clan OOC, republished on other forums. No content posted on the forum or any information found may be used to negatively harm any individual in the guild or disrupt the guild activity. Alliance content may be shared within the guild forums but internal guild forum content may not be shared with alliance forums, except that which is determined beneficial to both the guild and alliance.

  12. Leaving WE. If circumstance leads to your decision to take leave of the guild, it is best to discuss or notify leadership of your situation. Personal reasons or explicit details are not required if you do not wish to disclose such information, but general input on what resulted in your leave is desired as the opinions may help improve aspects in the guild.

    1. If a Recruit leaves, for whatever reason, they get one chance to come back. If they leave again, they will not be admitted back. Those who leave WE to become Omni without permission will be viewed as spies or traitors and will not be readmitted.

    2. If a Member, Veteran or Advisor leaves, for whatever reason, it is the option of a Veteran or President if readmission is warranted.

    3. People who request to leave with advanced notice to leadership, for the purposes of equipping or obtaining Omni-Tek classified equipment or employee benefits will not have such departure from WE counted against them although this practice is not encouraged.

  13. A member who repeatedly or purposely violates these rules will be kicked from WE. Any WE member is subject to possible termination depending on severity of the infraction, or if intent of violation is evident. The guild leader has the final say in any demotion or termination.

  14. The President may make exceptions to the above rules with the explicit and reasoned support of at least one Advisor aware of the circumstances surrounding the infraction.