Omni recruiting

Unsatisfied with the long hours, low wages, and hyper-competitive atmosphere that only Omni-Tek expects you to love?

Tired of giving your 110 percent to people who only wish to squeeze that extra amount from you not caring about you as a person?

Has raping a beautiful planet for the selfish needs of your pathetic overlords grown old and unattractive?

We're not surprised. We're Clanners and many of us used to be just like you. We got better and we can help you break the bonds of uncaring corporate greed and be free.

We of Whisper's Edge understand how hard the struggle to free yourself can be and we will help you in any way we are able.

Already our members have assisted many Omni Unredeemed build the faction necessary for their Clan application to be accepted.

Don't worry over your Omni-Pol armor for our own CAS and Storm Carbonium is comparable in all regards.

Our experienced tradskillers will be more than happy to sell your own Omni armor to get you into the more fitting and stylish Clan alternatives.

While we often assist those who wish to be free we also consider it our duty to enlighten those too blinded and brainwashed by Omni-Pol using tactics of subversion and network hacking to broadcast our message.

Some examples of our work are listed below.

- The Clans Relax Movie inserted into many employee Terminals in Rome Blue