Valda "Scratchnsnif" Bolieu

Unit Leader


Searching for a Home....

My story is a similar one of many people we know here in Rubi-Ka. I never knew my Mother or my Father. I was abandoned as a young infant shortly after I was born. I was told this by one of the only people in my early life I can recall. Her name was Matilda. She found me when I was around six months old in a box, left on the corner of a busy street. The only thing with me was a blanket and a note. All the note said was....Please take good care of her. Matilda said I was covered in scratches and had the
sniffles so that is how I got my name. I stayed with Matilda for a few years till I was about eight.( I am guessing I don't really know how old I am). Matilda worked long hours in the factories of Omni-Tek. We lived in one of the abandoned buildings by the factory in a small room. Then one day Matilda no longer had a job at the factory. We then began going from place to place searching for a home. Matilda would "walk the streets" at night to get primarily food, but also to get extra things like clothes and medicine for when I was sick. Then one night Matilda never returned. I was once again alone. I had to do things I am not proud of. Many days I would steal what I could, if I could just to eat. Then when I became a little older I stooped as low as selling myself to survive. I have met others who have promised me better things and said they would help, but most of them lied or have been killed by Omni-Tek. It seemed every where or everyone I turned to in my life Omni-Tek had destroyed. I had been traveling this trodden life of destruction for quite sometime then, I came across a gentleman who made me no promises yet showed me a new way of life. He was the first person I could trust since Matilda. He had even accepted my former way of survival. We were to be married. Then once again Omni-Tek ripped away everything in my life, along with everyone I had ever loved. I then became an empty shell wandering the streets with no hope of any future for mankind or for myself. Then one night while rummaging for food in an ally behind a restaurant the owner caught me and accused me of stealing. He then proceed to beat me beyond recognition leaving me for dead. I don't know how long I was lying there it could have been days, but when I awoke the first thing a saw was a man who calls himself Gunsumoa. He showed me a different way of life which included strength and agility along with courage. I never knew how strongly these things existed within me. Along with this different way of life came a new family, something which I never thought I would ever have again. So for this I am truly grateful. I will fight along side my new found family, and for the future of mankind. My family is CAS...and they call me Scratchnsnif....

Since my beginnings here on Rubi-Ka I have see much strife amongst my people. My family of CAS is not longer as it once was. Many of us disbanding toward a more peaceful way of life. I left CAS grown tired of it's militant ways and leadership, or should I say lack of leadership from one known as Redruum. I joined forces with some close friends. A few of them you may know. In fact a couple are well known here on Rubi-Ka. Nelida, Ylra, Vixentrox, Beezelbob, Democe, Varien, Regent, Videlle85 and myself. We joined forces and created Whispers-Edge. At the time of leaving my love Devilman00 was captured by Omni-Tek. It was there way of trying to find out what Whispers-Edge was about. He was tortured and tormented for months. Being the strong minded MA that he was he didn't break. Eventually Omni-Tek released him completely brain washed, all memories of his family and of me forgotten. Despite my trying we were never able to recapture the bond we once had. Eventually the pain in his mind cause him to terminate. Once again my life was torn, my love destroyed by Omni-Tek. For many months I was lost within my own sadness. Yet I continued on with the help and support of my family. After some time I came out of the sorrow and began to be more myself. I threw myself into my work doing events. One day while adventuring Rubi-Ka I came across a building in shambles. Omni-Tek once again was putting there rule on the people of Rubi-Ka. They had stumbled across one of the Nano-mage Buildings of Scientific Research. Not wanting the Nano-mage's to gain any power or the fear of there control over the Notum they destroyed the building. It was still smoldering when I came upon it. I stumbled thru the shambles coming across test tubes and petri dishes. Why I don't know but I picked some of them up and took them home. They intrigued me. Not knowing what I had found, I began some inquiries with a few Nano-mage friends I had made. Learning what I could I realized that One of the tubes held life. I began thru the black market of the Nano-mage liberation foundation to obtain information of their creation. Slowly learning what I could and buying the technology to create this life form I had found. Soulembrace was the end product of my efforts. During my time in the laboratory I was helped by a new and dear friend. Ibuar a Nano-mage as well. She was very helpful and supportive of me thru all my troubles .Slowly Ibuar and I had fallen in love. I once again wa engaged in my life, something I had not seen since my early years. Many years even before Devilman00. During our months in the laboratory there were changes within my family of Whispers-Edge. The founders had begun to see things differently and inner turmoil had begun. After many tearful nights , discussions, Ibuar, Nelida, Ylra left. I was torn as to what to do .....broken hearted I left following my beloved. Soulembrace at the time a teenager was defiant. She stayed with Whispers-Edge. I came across the man who had once saved my life, Gunsumoa. Gunsumoa and others from my past Nursebetti, Toten, Kelloran and Kungwho had reformed a new family Arion. Once again I was with old friends. Once again I was with a new family. This was a family with desires. Desire to be strong, grow fast and have what they wanted. Quickly Arion grew, almost too fast. Ibuar fit in well, growing leaps and bounds. I had a much harder time not growing as rapidly as most. For that many in Arion looked down at me. Slowly Ibuar and I grew apart. Eventually she was much stronger than I, no longer able to do quest and join me in any adventures. She continually went out on many quest and raids with the family leaving me behind. I found new friends to be with. Spend time with and grow along with me. Ibuar and I began to fight and argue over the lack of time we were together. The fighting became nightly and ugly. I realized that the loot and items had grown more important to Ibuar. This time greed and power had come between my relationship. I had turned to another in my grief during all the fighting and arguing. After awhile Ibuar realized her greed but by then it was too late. I knew we could not have what we once did. I broke off the engagement. Shortly afterward I left and wandered alone for sometime. During my time alone I came across an old friend. It was they who told me of Ibuar's defection to Omni-Tek. Many months went on with me in seclusion from my friends. During this time a relative I had never knew came to be. Quelled. She found me thru my visits among some new friends. This is where she had been living for some time. She brought me out of my home and introduced me to Kalannar, and Pobicus. We quickly became close restoring my faith in life and family. I had even begun adventuring once again. Quelled eventually traveled back to another part of Rubi-Ka returning to her teacher to learn more lessons of enlightenment. Upon my return Soulembrace had contacted me. She was growing quite depressed feeling left out and alone. Many changes had occurred in Whisper-Edge since my leaving. I then became part of RcO joining Kalannar and Pobicus bringing my family along with me eventually even Soulembrace. RcO even though small was finally a place I could call home. Kalannar and I became fast friends. We went adventuring along with Pobicus nightly. Growing learning and laughing Kalannar and I fell in love. Even though my love is not with me nightly we are still together strong and happy. This time Omni-Tek isn't going to get their way.

As new lands emerged within the Shadows, people slowly disappeared. Many speculations arose from this new world. There was even fear from the new found technology. Many became enthralled with it. Others struggled, getting lost in its midst. Life was changing on Rubi-ka many families began to dwindle. Families were finding it difficult to support their towers, travel to areas necessary for mining or hunting. For some, the daily ritual of defending towers became almost impossible. Omni once again was beginning to control the Notum fields. Many Clan felt as if they were loosing all control. Control of what they had worked so hard to achieve. Many became depressed, wandering into the lands of the Shadows. So many, to this day it is not clear where they disappeared to.

RcO wasn't’t alone with the changes facing Rubi-Ka. Many members of my family had disappeared as well. Conflicted was also having a hard time. Conflicted had embraced some of the newer technology. Even with all the new technology learned, their tracking devices were failing. Making it harder and harder to keep in touch with members traveling abroad in the land of the Shadows. More and more RcO and Conflicted were working together to achieve similar goals.

The leader of Conflicted was Maephina. She was strong minded and quick tongued.
Free spirited in her nature Mae worked hard to keep her family together. Kalannar with his determination was not about to give up either. One evening in WA Maephina and Kalannar found themselves in The Cup. As the night progress they found themselves in deep discussion on the changes and challenges they were both facing. Life on Rubi-ka and leading their families was not what it once was. Mae admitted she was becoming worn down with the struggle. Despite his stubbornness, Kalannar was determined to make things work. The depression was getting to them both. Jokingly they began talking about a union. With in a week Mae and Kalannar were in serious discussion of uniting. It was decided that Kalannar would lead the family. Mae had decided to give up leading. She “had enough”, or so she said. Shortly thereafter, RcO and Conflicted were no longer. A merger of two with the soul of one became, Conflicted Singularity.

At first the new family was going well. Or so it seemed. Two becoming one is never an easy transition. Some felt Kalannar lead with too strong a hand. Others felt he didn't lead strong enough. Mae in particular was having a hard time letting go. Once again there was inner strife, drama and chatter. Mae was a strong woman who saw things her way. When Mae saw things her way there was no other way. She spoke her mind quickly with sharp knives not caring how deep they would cut. Despite her years, Maephina still had not learned the art of tact. Mae confronted Kalannar with what she believed was true in her heart. Control was something Mae had to have, but at the time she didn't recognize her need for it. Kalannar began to doubt his leadership skills. The compassion he held in his heat was slowly dying. The knives thrown at him cut him deeply. What started as conversation became the resignation of Kalannar. His confidence was no longer there. His decision was made and there was no changing his mind. After all these years, Kalannar had finally given up. He didn't want to hinder the ones he cared for and loved. With tears in his eyes and a heavy heart Kalannar receded leadership back to Maephina. As the days went on Kalannar became more and more depressed. Watching Maephina leading with quick hand and sharp tongue was too much for him to take. He appealed to her encouraging compassion and patience. Maephina saw it as weakness and continued on. Once again my life on Rubi-ka was becoming strained. No matter how I tried to encourage and bring laughter into his heart, the man of my life, heart and soul was disappearing before my eyes. He saw no reason to go on. I came home one evening to a dark home. Across the room was a note upon the table. Hands shaking tears streaming down my face, I opened it.

My love,

I can no longer stay here. Our family as we once new is gone,
my life will never be the same. In my failure I can no longer face them.
This promise you must keep. You and Pobicus must stay here and
support them. Your reason is heard when you speak.
I beg of you both to speak often and make this family what I know it can become.
You will be in my heart forever.

I love you,

Conflicted Singularity grew daily with friends and family of old and of new. Learning and helping each other as family's should. The growth was almost overwhelming. Maephina plunged herself into everything. Jainex was along her side with us other officers. Speak we did but as usual Maephina was head strong. As the family grew they became well known among the work of Rubi-Ka. Things went well over all. Sure there were ripples along the way. But as a whole the family found it’s own.

Things were going well. Life of Rubi-Ka was thriving and buzzing once again. New things were happening around us all. As technology improved and transport of alien ships arrived. In coming communications were arriving. They spoke of new discoveries and worlds. Places of peace and even some of battle. During this time Maephina had actually mellowed some and began to listen to her companion Jainex and other higher ranked officers as myself, and friends. All over life was changing not just within Conflicted Singularity. Many began leaving our planet. Families were beginning to dwindle. With this new challenge Maephina was beginning to feel she had done something wrong, That she had let her family down. She felt that she had lost control. Slowly members began to leave the family. Maephina spoke with many about her feelings and concerns. Jainex, myself and an old friend Vixentrox. We all spoke with open hearts and truth about how live had been changing. How leading is never an easy thing. A few more months went by. Maephina became more distraught and even depressed. Rarely speaking or going on any outings. Maephina begun to communicate with others abroad. Taking more and more of her time. Saying she was tired Maephina handed leadership to Gnap. One evening late at night she boarded a transport. As she flew over OA I could see her looking out the window her face wet with tears. We all could only hope she would find peace within her heart and her fire once again. Another night I will never forget nor will many.

Conflicted Singularity continued on as best it could but continued to dwindle eventually loosing more and more to other worlds and places. Once again I found my heart empty. Sure I had multiple homes decorated beyond most. Clothing that many women envied. Yet there was no one person to enjoy them with. I did have a few friends scattered across Rubi-Ka. It was those few scattered friends were I began to heal my loneliness. I returned to my roots. The Cup. Yes, one of the oldest places I have known. I reunited with an old soul Vixentrox. She had always been there through the years of all the changing. Despite my wanderings Vix was always a friend and confidant. She welcomed me home where I am now back in Whispers Edge.