Officer Profiles


Dutchess "Copperneedle" Bane



Dutchess Copperneedle Bane; goes by 'Copper' for short. Native of Rubi-Ka, hails from a line of loyal Omni-Tek lower level management. Over the decades special privileges were provided to the Bane family, among the perks was the opportunity to relocate outside of Omni-1 to assist in the operations with one of the many test mines.

A small isolated mining town became the ancestral home, the ancestral home became the busy city of Borealis. Loyalty was a strong family trait, yet as with any characteristics, it was prone to change from outside forces. Grandfather was one of the survivors of the terrible times of mine collapses, personally making the damage reports responsible for accounting for damaged Omni-Tek 'equipment'. It would never be revealed what specifically resulted in the seeds of distrust germinating in the Bane family. The neutral surroundings permitted anti-omni propaganda to filter into the home, influencing her during childhood towards less than loyal sentiment.

Dutchess was born officially in Omni-1, however, the building wan an omni-med facility in Newland. She was the second of the Bane line to be brought into the world outside of the Omni-Tek city. Education through Omni-Med and a controversial stint with Tir school of Engineering prepared her for a position with Omni-Tek as a mine personnel caretaker; and after later events, would result in her research of questionable intents.

Her mannerisms are tendencies of over professionalism, habitual compulsion to provide assistance when problems arise, and rather unannounced outbursts with the mentioning of very specific topics of her personal life.



Fiona "Icata" Hackworth



Born 29438 to Joseph and Madeline Hackworth, of Tir City.

August 28, 29461 -- Joined the Tir militia at age 23 as an 'advisor'.

October 10, 29462 -- Her squad was ambushed one evening during a routine patrol, and her commanding officer wounded. She performed first aid to keep him from dying, assumed control of the squad, and managed to evacuate them with no clan casualties. Her quick thinking under fire earned her a commendation and a swift promotion.

July 01, 29464 -- Stopped a shipment of notum from reaching it's destination by stalling the officer in charge for 25 minutes, giving clan operatives time to disable the transport vehicles.

October 12, 29466 -- Suffered grievous injuries during an OTAF bombing raid on Tir. Although mostly recovered at this point, she still walks/runs with a slight limp.

29467 - 29476 -- CLASSIFIED.

November 22, 29476 -- When the Sentinels assumed control of Tir, the militia was officially disbanded - leaving Icata without a job.

May 31, 29478 -- Joined Whisper's Edge.



Nimisha "Micia" Greywind



Born in the once beautiful city of Port Olympus on Mars. I started my career as a scientist in CryoTech. An.... accident lead to my unfortunate relocation to Rubi-Ka where I was forced to stay due to a unwilling transformation to Nano-mage.

Having a grudge against Omni-Med for forcing me to live on Rubi-Ka and never have the chance of leaving again, I decided to do as much damage to them as possible. One person alone isn't enough, so I started to look for a suitable group of people to help me achieve my goals.

This lead me to Whisper's Edge, a group that has almost the same goal as me. To undermine Omni-Tek position here on Rubi-Ka.

Today as a General in Whisper's Edge I do my best to ensure that the members of this organization has a clear view of our goals, and most importantly. A good time.



Sophia "Sharespirit" Tibergin


Martial Artist

Born on Rubi-Ka on March 8th 29458 to Lucius Tibergin and Isabelle Smith, Sharespirit lead a peaceful young life until her father got perma killed after being captured and interrogated by Omni-Tek forces.
They fled to Old Athen where in 29467 little Sophia went to school for the first time (better late then never)
apart from some skirmishes with cyborgs life was good there..

In 29474 she was taken away from her mother and while being brainwashed, trained to be a first class assassin in a hidden underground camp, location classified.
One year later the camp where Sharespirit was held, was attacked by unknown individuals, she managed to escape and went missing for the next two years until in 29477 she rented an apartment in West Athen.
That same year Sharespirit went into therapy, got most of her memory back and went to search for her mother.
They both bought an apartment in Backyard 4 and still live there to this date.

Sharespirit joined Whisper's Edge in August 29480.

July 29481, Sharespirit became a fixer.

December 29481, Sharespirit started studying and training in a secret facility where she was prepared to leave for an off-world mission 4 months later.

August 29482, Sharespirit came back to Rubi-Ka to continue her 'normal' life.



Valda "Scratchnsnif" Bolieu



Searching for a Home....

My story is a similar one of many people we know here in Rubi-Ka. I never knew my Mother or my Father. I was abandoned as a young infant shortly after I was born. I was told this by one of the only people in my early life I can recall. Her name was Matilda. She found me when I was around six months old in a box, left on the corner of a busy street. The only thing with me was a blanket and a note. All the note said was....Please take good care of her. Matilda said I was covered in scratches and had the
sniffles so that is how I got my name. I stayed with Matilda for a few years till I was about eight.( I am guessing I don't really know how old I am). Matilda worked long hours in the factories of Omni-Tek. We lived in one of the abandoned buildings by the factory in a small room. Then one day Matilda no longer had a job at the factory. We then began going from place to place searching for a home. Matilda would "walk the streets" at night to get primarily food, but also to get extra things like clothes and medicine for when I was sick. Then one night Matilda never returned. I was once again alone. I had to do things I am not proud of. Many days I would steal what I could, if I could just to eat. Then when I became a little older I stooped as low as selling myself to survive. I have met others who have promised me better things and said they would help, but most of them lied or have been killed by Omni-Tek. It seemed every where or everyone I turned to in my life Omni-Tek had destroyed. I had been traveling this trodden life of destruction for quite sometime then, I came across a gentleman who made me no promises yet showed me a new way of life. He was the first person I could trust since Matilda. He had even accepted my former way of survival. We were to be married. Then once again Omni-Tek ripped away everything in my life, along with everyone I had ever loved. I then became an empty shell wandering the streets with no hope of any future for mankind or for myself. Then one night while rummaging for food in an ally behind a restaurant the owner caught me and accused me of stealing. He then proceed to beat me beyond recognition leaving me for dead. I don't know how long I was lying there it could have been days, but when I awoke the first thing a saw was a man who calls himself Gunsumoa. He showed me a different way of life which included strength and agility along with courage. I never knew how strongly these things existed within me. Along with this different way of life came a new family, something which I never thought I would ever have again. So for this I am truly grateful. I will fight along side my new found family, and for the future of mankind. My family is CAS...and they call me Scratchnsnif....

.... full story continued here



Miranda "Whtrose" Ariel

Unit Leader


Not much is known about Miranda Ariel from before she appeared on Rubi-Ka with a full ride scholarship within the University of Rubi-Ka to study the affects of Notum on nature. This scholarship was short lived though, when Miranda saw a log of an Omni-Tek board meeting and began to have doubts about being one of their employees. A growing friendship with a number of clan members, and a lack of knowing anyone within Omni-Tek made turning in her resignation that much easier.

Shortly after leaving Omni-Tek, Miranda found a home and family within the clan Whisper’s Edge. With a strong desire to insure that everyone knows the truth, Miranda also joined the IRRK as a Freelance reporter, publishing a number of articles that have created a stir within the various communities of Rubi-Ka.

Miranda is known by the alias of Whtrose, and some people believe that this is because she always carries a number of white roses on her. Others say that she carries the roses on her because people call her Whtrose. Whatever the case it is clear that she tries to see the truth and beauty in all things