Commendation Ribbon Definitions

These awards should be considered as achievements and proclamation for actions that go 'above and beyond' the guild members normally expected duties

Rank Designation Ribbons Active Service Ribbons Battle Campaign Ribbon
Awarded for taking part in a major battle. The President determines if the battle was significant enough to merit the award of the ribbon.

Ribbon of Battle Prowess
Awarded upon attaing a title (freshman, rookie, ect). Loosing a title then regaining it does not count, only advancement to the next higher title will trigger additional award. Title must be witnessed by at least one Tier 4 officer.

Commendation Ribbon
Awarded when a member's new idea/suggestion implemented as WE policy. May also be earned by exceptional managing of a WE program.

Ribbon of Light
Awarded for each Omni member a person convinces to join WE

Ribbon of Decision
Awarded for each neutral member a person convinces to join WE

Recruiter Ribbon
Awarded for exceptoional service in recruiting new applicants

Ribbon of Mentorship
This award earned by displaying exception caring, patience, and providing aid to new citizens of Rubi-ka

Presidential Merit Ribbon
This ribbon is earned soley at the discretion of the President. An invidual must show unquestioning loyalty, epitomizes WE values, works tirelessly to the benifit of the guild. This is the highest award a member can hope to achieve.