Membership Tiers

Tier 1: Applicants & Members

At this stage the WE member is proving oneself both as a valuable and caring guild-mate and as one who can follow the principles, rules and ideals of WE. Applicants should make a point of getting to know the membership of WE, participating in events, attending meetings and making a good impression on guild chat. We are looking for family members, people we get to know and trust as our own. Applicants are responsible for getting to know other members, knowing the laws of WE and general participation within the Guild. After the initial learning process Applicants may request promotion to Member rank by asking a Veteran, or if unavailable, a higher rank of WE leadership. WE forum registration at these ranks is not mandatory but is strongly encouraged. Those among the Members that show that they can mentor others and have valuable and broad understanding of AO and of RK, SL, AI, or LE can be designated as Veteran by Advisors or the President.

Tier 2: Veterans

The Veteran is an important first step towards taking a position with authority within WE. At the rank of Veteran in WE you have the responsibility of promoting an Applicant to Member status when they are ready. With this ability you will be called upon for basic org function, and assist in monitoring that Applicants become Members in a progressive manner by first becoming familiar with members of WE and have a general sense about the working of Rub-Ka. Veterans also assist in WE recruitment by aiding to advertise among new players, With Veteran rank comes the requirement to register and participate on the forums for WE and BY4.

Tier 3: Advisors & President

This Tier consists the authority of WE, and those promoted to this level have been determined to share the philosophies of WEs presidency. All positions in Tier 3 are able to induct individuals into WE, and designate Members to Veteran status. Included with Tier 3 responsibilities is WE and BY4 registration and participation, internal conflict resolution, events planning, and answering member questions or assisting members where able. The President has final say in all matters after Advisors have voiced concerns, continued dispute may result in expulsion of all parties involved. With Tier 3 membership comes special entrusted abilities related to overall control over WE such as City Controller options and Cloaking Device settings.

Promotion System